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Museum Volunteer Rota Scheduling Software

RotaCentral will save you time!

Many museums have switched from time-consuming, old fashioned, and frustrating rotas to our slick, professional system that encourages more volunteering and saves you time.

We’ve worked with many museums across the UK and have been able to save staff hours of time and increase the amount of volunteering they receive, by making the rota process work better for everyone.

What are the benefits of using our online rota system?

  • Easy for your volunteers to use
  • Saves you time
  • Volunteers can choose their shifts
  • No more crazy spreadsheets
  • Automated email/SMS reminders
  • Excellent support from our UK team
  • Affordable for all
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • Works on mobile phones
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To judge how much time you will save, and how much happier your volunteers will be, book a no-obligation demo with us now! It only takes a little time and you will be left with a fully working trial that you can use at your museum.

We’re delighted to be expanding our use of RotaCentral, which is at the core of our volunteer management. RotaCentral frees up staff time and empowers volunteers to manage their shifts, invaluable in a busy visitor attraction with multiple events throughout the year. Janette Reed, Cogges Heritage Trust, Oxfordshire.

We could not be happier with RotaCentral. It has saved me so much time and hassle. Try it, you won’t be disappointed. Penny de Lotz, Lansdown Hall & Gallery, Stroud.


For as little as £125 a year, RotaCental saves museums valuable office time, provides a more reliable rota, and with happier volunteers who will do more volunteering.

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Volunteer Rota Scheduling for Theatres