Statistics for Schools and Charities

Many RotaCentral customers tell us that they are keen to obtain statistics and charts to show how their rota is working and the level of volunteering that is being achieved.  Is the number of volunteer shifts increasing or decreasing?  Is the sharing of the workload fair?

As an example, there are several schools that use RotaCentral to run parent rotas, where each parent is expected to volunteer on various rotas a certain amount of times per term. As you can imagine, it is no easy task to keep the share of the duties fair and balanced when you are also having to track 100s of people, the dates of their shifts, and the sending of timely reminder emails. Prior to using RotaCentral, the schools would usually give one unfortunate person the difficult task of managing a sprawling spreadsheet containing the rota, together with a chaotic email account that was busy with fraught messages. This would invariably lead to countless hours spent (and wasted) dealing with the managing of the rota.

Schools tell us that, since moving to RotaCentral, most of these tasks are now automated, saving many hours of work, but there was no way to tell if the burden of the rota shifts was being borne fairly by all the parents. So we have created the “Fairness of distribution of shifts”. This looks at all the volunteers on your people list, against all the shifts that you have on your rota and shows you in a simple bar chart how many shifts people have. You can view this immediately right now for your rota by choosing Events / Statistics from the main menu at the top of the screen.

This simple but effective graph shows the schools quickly and easily who, if any, are not doing any shifts. Not only does this tell you how the shifts were distributed between your volunteers but when hovering your mouse over each bar it then reveals a list of names too.

There are a few other statistical charts available right now, with more coming in the future.  The chart below shows the number of shifts that you have shown and breaks down the total by the workflow status of the shifts. It allows you to see how many shifts are filled, how many are empty and so on.

Commonly, charities of all sizes need to report on their activity levels and volunteer effort is a key part of this.  RotaCentral now provides a break-down of volunteer effort by month and also statistics on how many different people volunteered and for how many hours. All of this can now be displayed for any chosen date range that the rota administrator wants to see from a simple date range picker at the top of our new screen.

Available today

All the charts discussed in this article are available for you to use right away.  Once you have logged into RotaCentral, just choose Events / Statistics from the main menu at the top of the screen.  As always, we are interested in your feedback either on social media or by emailing us at  If you are not yet a RotaCentral user then why not start a free trial today?