RotaCentral has always prioritised having a very clear dashboard so that rota administrators can see at a glance how their rota is performing.  But RotaCentral is being used by more and more organisations and some of them are running very large and complex volunteer rotas.

We felt it was time to meet this challenge with new features to improve the dashboard layout.  The new grouping feature changes the dashboard display to bunch together a set of shifts that have something in common. Shifts can be grouped by time, role or location. After you have chosen your grouping option RotaCentral will add a sub-heading above each set of similar shifts. This makes it so much easier to see at a glance all the shifts that relate to a particular time, for example.

To save you space, the information in the sub-heading will be removed from the shift because you will not need to see it twice. This lets you get more shifts onto your screen with less distracting information.  To choose a grouping option choose Rota / Rota Details from the main menu.  You will find the setting at the bottom of the Rota Details screen, just above another new feature that lets you change the sort order of the shifts on the dashboard display.  By adjusting these two settings to suit your rota, you can significantly enhance the readability of the dashboard.

For example, if you run a charity shop with morning and afternoon shifts, then the dashboard will look much clearer.

Grouping Shifts

Grouping by role allows you to visually separate the important roles.

Grouping by role

Grouping by location is perfect for a rota that has more than one location.

Grouping by location

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