We are constantly striving to make the RotaCentral volunteer management software platform as easy as possible for volunteers to use.  Our latest update focuses on this, and factors in that the vast majority of volunteers use mobile devices when accessing the self-service page, as shown by user statistics.  This article will walk you through the new look and feel.

When arriving to their self service page a volunteer is met with one or two buttons:-

  • See your upcoming volunteering: this shows the volunteer the future shifts that they have been allocated to and / or the ones that they have already accepted.
  • Sign up for more volunteering: this will only be shown if the rota administrator turns on the sign-up feature in RotaCentral which allows volunteers to choose their own shifts.

volunteer management software platform

Clicking on “See your upcoming volunteering” takes the volunteer to a page which lists all their future shifts. Any shifts that need the volunteer to take an action, such as to accept or confirm the shift, are highlighted in yellow.

See your upcoming volunteering

Clicking on any card opens a shift details screen, which provides further details about the shift and also displays specific options, depending on the status of the shift and also the options chosen by the rota administrator.  Whatever the volunteer needs to do will be highlighted in yellow.  The standard choices are:-

  • accept the shift being offered to them
  • switch to a different shift
  • email the rota organiser

shift details screen

To find out more please contact us via the contact page or at info@rotacentral.com.