Volunteer Rota Scheduling for Food Banks

Volunteer Rota Scheduling for Food Banks

How can RotaCentral help food banks?

Running a food bank volunteers rota can be challenging!  RotaCentral can automate the whole process to save you time.  We have worked closely with food banks to understand how they run their volunteer rotas and designed RotaCentral to meet those needs. It can run separate rotas eg. for operating the food bank and running supermarket food collections. We know that food bank managers are busy. RotaCentral is a “set it and forget it” system that, once configured, will run on an ongoing basis, by itself, to manage your rota with very little input.

How does it work?

You will tell RotaCentral which days and hours your food bank is open each week. You tell it how many volunteers you need on those days. You give it the email address of your different types of volunteers. RotaCentral will then email the right ones and invite them to sign up. Your volunteers can sign up to  the shifts that they prefer with a couple of clicks and you can see at a glance who is working and when. RotaCentral will email them immediately so that they have a record of their shifts and then email them again with a reminder nearer the time.  When it’s finished, RotaCentral will produce a neatly laid out rota which can be printed. It does all of this while you are busy with other things.

How do I get started?

Follow our simple wizard to set up your rota. Let RotaCentral email your volunteers and invite them to sign up for shifts.There is no software to install and once configured it runs while you sleep saving you your time.

Volunteer Database Features:

  • Automatic rota creation: It creates the rota for you while you sleep
  • RotaCentral emails volunteers with available shifts
  • Volunteers can choose their shifts using a link in the email
  • Self service page offers available shifts and other options
  • Automatic reminders: Choose how many days in advance reminders get sent to your volunteers
  • Dashboard with clear overview on what is happening on your rota

Find out more about out rota scheduling features.

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