Frequently Asked Questions

What is RotaCentral?

RotaCentral is a secure online service that takes the hassle out of creating and managing rotas. It makes it easy for volunteering organisations and charities to find volunteers for rota shifts and keep track of who is doing what. It has a clever collaborative way of working on the web like Doodle so that volunteers can self-service their way onto your rota.

How much does RotaCentral cost?

RotaCentral has plans to suit every budget. Please see our pricing page for full details

Can my volunteers choose their own shifts?

Yes. RotaCentral allows signup so you can share your rota and people can volunteer to shifts they wish to help with.

Is my data safe ?

Yes. Our servers are run and maintained within one of the UK’s largest data centres offering total security.

Is RotaCentral GDPR compliant ?

Yes! RotaCentral is fully compliant with all the GDPR requirements.

Do I need to install any software?

No. RotaCentral is a web based service. It works with all modern browsers and on mobile phones, PCs, laptops and tablets. You can access your account from anywhere with an internet connection.

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