Frequently Asked Questions

What is RotaCentral?

RotaCentral is smart software that takes the hassle out of creating and managing volunteer rotas.  It is secure, web-based compatible with all modern browsers on desktop PCs, tablets and mobile phones.  It makes it easy for volunteering organisations and charities to organise their volunteers to help on rota shifts and keep track of who is doing what. It is designed to make the rota convenient for volunteers and to save the maximum amount of admin time for the rota organiser.  It achieves this by automating many of the administrative processes and also by giving volunteers self-service functions for example letting them see vacancies and choose their own shifts.  RotaCentral is very configurable and can work in many different ways depending on how the organisation wants its rota to operate.  For example, rotacentral can automatically allocate shifts to volunteers and notify them, or it can passively wait for volunteers to choose their own shifts, or the rota administrator might manually choose people for each shift.  There’s much more we could say.  The best way to learn about RotaCentral is to book an online demo, where you can watch and ask questions.

Can my volunteers choose their own shifts?

Yes. One of the options that RotaCentral provides for operating your rota is “Sign-Up”  This lets you share your rota so that volunteers can sign up to whichever shifts they wish to help you with.  It gives them an up to date view of when your vacancies are so that their time is used in the most effective way.

What types of volunteering organisations use RotaCentral?

The RotaCentral platform is used by theatres, food banks, charities, places of worship, sports clubs, hospitals, schools, vaccination centres and anywhere else that has volunteers.

How much does RotaCentral cost?

RotaCentral is affordable and has plans to suit every budget. Our pricing is based on the number of rotas and the number of volunteers that you have.  Our software is designed for voluntary organisations and so we keep our prices low.  Please see our pricing page for full details.

Will our data be safe ?

Yes. Our servers are run and maintained within one of the UK’s largest data centres to provide a very high level of security.

Is RotaCentral GDPR compliant ?

Yes! RotaCentral is fully compliant with all the GDPR requirements.

Do I need to install any software?

No. RotaCentral is a web-based service. It works with all modern browsers and on mobile phones, PCs, laptops and tablets. You can access your account from anywhere that has an internet connection.

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