RotaCentral has an exciting new feature that has been requested by many customers, which lets you assign multiple roles to each volunteer. This puts you firmly in control of which volunteers can see and choose different types of shifts.


What is a role anyway?
Every shift in your RotaCentral rota has a role which is used to determine which of your volunteers is suitable for that shift. For example a theatre might have various shifts for a single performance with different roles: a duty manager, 2 x bar staff, 6 x ushers, 3 x cloakroom staff, etc.  Previously, each person in your rota has also had a role and that is what enabled RotaCentral to ensure that there was a match.

So what’s new?
RotaCentral now allows you to assign more than one role to each person in your rota.  On rotas where your volunteers choose their own shifts this gives you the flexibility to control exactly which people can sign-up to which shifts.  For allocation rotas where you decide (or RotaCentral decides) who to give a shift to, this means that the system can allocate precisely the right people for that shift.

How to get started
To give your volunteers multiple roles, simply open the Person Details screen for them and then use the “Add a role” list to add as many roles as you like.  You can get to the Person Details screen by clicking on any person in your People List or by clicking on their name on the rota dashboard.

Make a role inactive
You can make any of a user’s roles inactive. This allows you to temporarily stop them operating in that role. To make a role inactive just click on it in the roles section.  Click on it a second time to re-activate it.

You can also remove and delete a role from a person permanently by clicking the dustbin icon next to that role.

Other benefits
Because roles can now be assigned without limit they can be put to other uses, such as tagging all the volunteers with a specific characteristic, so that you can send them group mails.

Available today!
This new feature is available now.  As always, we are ready to help if you have any questions or would like some assistance getting this feature working for your rota.