The Sub Rooms

How many administrators use RotaCentral? 

The Volunteer Coordinator is the main admin, and we have 4 additional admins who can access the appropriate rotas applicable to them.

How many volunteers do you have using the system? 

We have approximately 60 volunteers using the system.

What difference has RotaCentral made to your organisation?

It has made it so much easier, quicker and slicker to promote need for volunteers and as a simpler system, it has vastly increased sign-up by volunteers – making it easier to fill volunteer roles. The ability to have more than one rota and enable other admins to keep track of volunteer sign-up for events also makes it easier for me – as a part time employee – to ensure people have the right info they need when I’m not around. It has also made it easier to keep track of volunteer hours and which volunteers have been most active for stats.

Our volunteers have been hugely positive about the system and often give me feedback about how easy and straightforward it is to sign up and keep track of their volunteering. It has contributed to volunteers feeling and expressing that their volunteer experience with us is a very positive one.

I think the main benefits come to me as Volunteer Coordinator and to the volunteers, but our organisation also benefits because I have more time to focus on other aspects of my role and because we get a greater sign-up of volunteers which means we have more help and support at our events.

See the full list of features and benefits.

Do you have any statistics/data on how using RotaCentral has impacted your organisation?

32 of our volunteers have given the Subs 430 hours of their time volunteering front-of-house and in the Box Office between Sept and December last year and an additional 80 hours to the Lansdown Hall and Stroud Festivals.

Would you recommend RotaCentral to other organisations?

Yes, I would recommend RotaCentral.