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    Volunteer Rota Scheduling Statistics for Schools and Charities Many RotaCentral customers tell us that they are keen to obtain statistics and charts to show how their rota is working and the level of volunteering that is being achieved.  Is the number of volunteer shifts increasing or decreasing?  Is the sharing of the workload fair? As an example, there are several schools that use RotaCentral to run parent rotas, where each parent is expected to volunteer
  • Unfortunately it is a fact of life that from time to time, volunteers will need to cancel a commitment that they previously made to your rota. Sickness, family emergencies and other unforeseeable problems affect everyone occasionally. Any rota management system that is going to be useful in the real world needs to help you deal with the human factor that people can never be 100% reliable. RotaCentral is built with the philosophy that we will
  • As with all things, times change. In the past managing a volunteer rota was done using spreadsheets and sending out email. The problem with this approach is that is does not offer any flexibility to the person running the rota or the volunteers offering their help.  The fact that people need to cancel, or swap means that a spreadsheet it typically out of date as soon as it is created. Contacting the volunteers was done

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