• RotaCentral has an exciting new feature that has been requested by many customers, which lets you assign multiple roles to each volunteer. This puts you firmly in control of which volunteers can see and choose different types of shifts.   What is a role anyway? Every shift in your RotaCentral rota has a role which is used to determine which of your volunteers is suitable for that shift. For example a theatre might have various
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    Many UK theatres rely on the support of volunteers to operate. Theatres from Shakespeare’s Globe, to Manchester’s Royal Exchange, to Bury St Edmunds’ Theatre Royal, to local community venues all use volunteers run their box office, provide admin support and steward patrons during performances. Volunteer coordinators who often manage hundreds of volunteers performing different functions have a difficult task on their hands. But using a smart rota management system can simplify the process, reduce admin
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    Using volunteer management software for your rota can solve your problems, here’s how…. Working in the third sector can be immensely rewarding, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges and this includes the process of managing volunteers. As a volunteer manager, you are often dealing with large workloads, shrinking budgets and an ever-changing team of volunteers and roles for them to fulfill. But by utilising rota management tools like RotaCentral, many of the tasks volunteer
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    Our smart rota management system has made a positive impact to a wide variety of organisations. From theatres, charities, museums, churches, vaccination centres and many more all over the UK. The Acorn Theatre – Performing Arts Venue in Cornwall   The Acorn Theatre is a venue for live music and performing arts, much-loved by the residents of Penzance for 50 years. As a community venue committed to providing affordable shows, the theatre relies on their
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    Here are 6 ways you can show your volunteers you appreciate them Volunteers are the lifeblood of non-profit organisations. And while many volunteers feel rewarded simply knowing they are contributing to a cause they care about, it’s vital to invest time in recognising volunteers and thanking them for their hard work. Showing your appreciation is essential to better volunteer engagement and retention and ensuring that they feel good whilst doing good. Here are 6 simple
  • Volunteer retention can be challenging. Here are some top tips to keeping volunteers happy and engaged   When volunteers first sign up, they are eager to help and willing to get stuck in. But all the effort that’s put into successfully recruiting volunteers is wasted if effort isn’t also put in to keeping them happy and engaged. Fortunately, with some simple retention strategies, you can reduce your turnover rate and build a team of enthusiastic
  • Lost emails, last minute shift changes, missed voicemail messages and spreadsheets that become out of date as soon as they have been created can eat up time and patience, causing frustration for everyone. But investing in the right volunteer management tool can streamline the management process and ensure that communication is stress-free and effective. Enter, RotaCentral. Here are three ways our volunteer rota scheduling software can improve the way you manage and communicate with your
  • We are constantly striving to make the RotaCentral volunteer management software platform as easy as possible for volunteers to use.  Our latest update focuses on this, and factors in that the vast majority of volunteers use mobile devices when accessing the self-service page, as shown by user statistics.  This article will walk you through the new look and feel. When arriving to their self service page a volunteer is met with one or two buttons:-
  • RotaCentral has always prioritised having a very clear dashboard so that rota administrators can see at a glance how their rota is performing.  But RotaCentral is being used by more and more organisations and some of them are running very large and complex volunteer rotas. We felt it was time to meet this challenge with new features to improve the dashboard layout.  The new grouping feature changes the dashboard display to bunch together a set

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