Our smart rota management system has made a positive impact to a wide variety of organisations. From theatres, charities, museums, churches, vaccination centres and many more all over the UK.

The Acorn Theatre – Performing Arts Venue in Cornwall


The Acorn Theatre is a venue for live music and performing arts, much-loved by the residents of Penzance for 50 years. As a community venue committed to providing affordable shows, the theatre relies on their 50+ volunteers to help run the venue and facilitate their events.

Before finding RotaCentral, the theatre’s two volunteer administrators were using excel to manage their rota, needing to manually update it every time an email came in and send it out twice a week for volunteers to let them know when their shifts were.

But having discovered RotaCentral’s online volunteer rota scheduling system, they now save around three hours per week of admin time, and volunteers are able to self-manage their shifts, finding it easy to make changes when needed.

“RotaCentral has streamlined our volunteers’ roles, giving them 24/7 access to choose their shifts. The system provides value for money and ease of use.”

acorn theatre Rota Scheduling

The Sub Rooms – Arts & Community Venue in Gloucestershire


The Sub Rooms is an arts and community venue and registered charity in Stroud. With approximately 60 volunteers working across a range of roles, keeping track of who was doing what and for how many hours was laborious and tricky.

But now, having an easy-to-use system for managing rotas means that volunteers and volunteer coordinators can see what shifts are available, sign-up, communicate, and have a record of who has done what. They have also seen a dramatic increase in sign-ups as the rota management software has made it easier for them to fill volunteer roles.

As a part-time employee, the Sub Rooms’ Volunteer Coordinator is also benefiting from the rota scheduling software:

“The ability to have more than one rota and enable other admins to keep track of volunteer sign-ups for events makes it easier for me – as a part time employee – to ensure people have the right information they need when I’m not around. It has also made it easier to keep track of volunteer hours and which volunteers have been most active.”

The Sub Rooms’ volunteers have also been enjoying the system:

“Our volunteers have been hugely positive about the system and often give me feedback about how easy and straightforward it is to sign up and keep track of their volunteering. It has contributed to volunteers feeling and expressing that their volunteer experience with us is a very positive one.”

Sub Rooms

Elliott Hall Medical Centre – Vaccination Centre in Middlesex


Elliot Hall Medical is a GP Practice that was involved in managing and deploying volunteers to work at their local Covid-19 vaccination centre. A husband and wife team were tasked with organising the volunteer rota and with around 200 volunteers, it was taking the two of them seven hours to plan just two days of the rota.

Finding a volunteer rota management system was a necessity and after discovering RotaCentral, they now save countless hours of admin time. The Vaccination Centre’s Volunteer Manager has found the rota scheduling system to be invaluable:

“We have between 4-6 administrators using RotaCentral…and approximately 200 volunteers using the system. RotaCentral has been really helpful in allowing volunteers to select their own shifts meaning as admins we don’t need to chase volunteers…It is also really helpful to be able to see at a glance who was booked into shifts.”

Elliott Hall Medical Centre volunteers

Just-Ice Poynton – Ice Cream Café and Registered Charity in Cheshire


Just-Ice is an ethical ice cream café and social enterprise that employs survivors of human trafficking. To run its shop and events, it also receives support from volunteers and before using RotaCentral’s easy rota management software, Just-Ice were organising their volunteers using a Whatsapp group which was too difficult to keep track of.

Now, using RotaCentral’s rota management software, managing their 60+ volunteers is less time-consuming and hassle-free. For their volunteers, the rota calendar makes it easy to see what shifts are available and they like the choice it gives them in terms of choosing when and for how long to work:

“RotaCentral has really helped make us more efficient, ensure no shifts are understaffed, and helped us to communicate with all volunteers using the bulk email function. We’ve even started using it for gathering attendees for one-off events like our staff party, food hygiene training session or our deep clean evening. It was such a reasonable cost for the efficiencies it has brought. Highly recommended!”

Just-Ice Poynton volunteer management

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