Lost emails, last minute shift changes, missed voicemail messages and spreadsheets that become out of date as soon as they have been created can eat up time and patience, causing frustration for everyone. But investing in the right volunteer management tool can streamline the management process and ensure that communication is stress-free and effective. Enter, RotaCentral. Here are three ways our volunteer rota scheduling software can improve the way you manage and communicate with your volunteers:

1. Simple rota management

Managing rotas is a painstaking task but using our rota management software simplifies the day-to-day volunteer management process by allowing you to automatically allocate shifts fairly, or share an empty rota allowing volunteers to sign up to the shifts they can do. Additions, swaps and changes are made in real time and are instantly viewable by managers and volunteers, speeding up the whole process.

Automation is a key element of the software, saving you time that can be used to handle the remaining rota management tasks that cannot be automated. Templates can be used to set up automatic texts and emails reminding volunteers that their shift is coming up, inviting or allocating shifts, and even thanking volunteers for their help.

Volunteer Rota Management

2. Fast and efficient communication

RotaCentral has built-in communication options so you can send emails and text messages to your volunteers from directly within the programme. Volunteers can choose the method of communication they prefer, and their replies are collected in an inbox within RotaCentral, meaning they don’t get lost and they don’t clutter up your email.

3. Volunteers have more control

When communication gets bottle necked around one person, such as a busy volunteer manager, last minute shift changes and swaps can be lost, forgotten, or hard for the volunteer to communicate with their manager.

With RotaCentral’s volunteer rota management software, volunteers have more control to clearly see their upcoming shifts, swap, cancel and change shifts within the system and directly with other volunteers. Volunteers can add in their own holiday dates and confirm shifts with the click of a button, making the whole rota management process smooth and stress free.

Simple for managers and volunteers, those who aren’t technologically confident need not worry about using RotaCentral. We constantly work to update and improve its usability to ensure it is accessible and user friendly for everyone, no matter the level of technical ability.


Why our customers love RotaCentral

“Ulverston Resilience Group has been using RotaCentral for scheduling vaccinations stewarding at Ulverston Health Centre in Cumbria for over a year now. We have almost 300 volunteers on our stewarding rota. We’ve had to be very flexible as shifts have moved around at short notice due to issues with vaccine supplies, etc.

We’ve used RotaCentral to allocate volunteers to shifts, and also to allow volunteers to select their own shifts. We can send out bulk emails and SMS messages with very little effort. Information can be shared securely with shift leads, and the client.

There is absolutely no way that we could have achieved what we have managed to do without RotaCentral.”

Neil Fleming BEM, Ulverston Resilience Group

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