Smart Rota Software for Volunteer Management

Why use RotaCentral as your volunteer management software?

•   Simple to use
•   Easy for your volunteers
•   Affordable
•   Excellent support
•   Volunteers can choose their shifts
•   No more crazy spreadsheets
•   Saves you time
•   UK based
•   Fully GDPR compliant
•   Automated email/sms reminders
•   Works on mobile phones

How does RotaCentral help with Volunteer Management?

RotaCentral is a smart online rota scheduling system used to manage many different kinds of volunteer rotas. You might call it your roster, schedule, rota, planner, shifts or sign-up sheets. Whatever you call it RotaCentral will make your volunteer management easy.

Our software is used by food banks, theatres, charities, places of worship, sports clubs, hospitals, vaccination centres, schools and anyone who needs to organise volunteers.

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Discover the rota scheduling features…

People run rotas in different ways: sometimes the volunteers choose their own shifts, sometimes the organiser tells them when they are needed. Sometimes they want reminders by email, sometimes by SMS text messages. Our volunteer management software does all of this and more.

The simple dashboard allows you to easily see who is working and when.  It has many features such as full automation, swapping, automatic allocation, a fairness algorithm, multiple rotas, SMS text messaging, access for multiple rota administrators, matching shifts to volunteers by role, and many more.

Rota Software for Museums
volunteer management software

Who is the volunteer management software for?

RotaCentral is for anyone who needs to schedule the work of volunteers. We often meet people who are using spreadsheets, countless emails, and group messaging apps to keep track of people and shifts but find the process chaotic, time-consuming and frustrating.  Our software will let you save time and present a professional platform to your volunteers. RotaCentral customers range from small groups, who are looking for the benefits of easy scheduling and automatic email reminders, right through to organisations with multiple rotas and thousands of volunteers who are looking for a fully automated service.

RotaCentral saves time for both administrators and volunteers

For Volunteer Management


  • Flexible:  Choose between allocation or sign-up style (even mix both together)


  • Tracking:  Allows you to see who is working and when with automatic reminders to show you who has confirmed


  • Dashboard:   Simple and efficient dashboard to instantly show you gaps or shifts that need your attention


  • Who’s away?:  Keep track of all your volunteers’ preferences such as holiday dates and times they cannot work


  • Communication:  Automated emails and SMS to free up your time for other responsibilities


  • Automated:  Most actions can be scheduled to happen without work from you


For Volunteers


  • Informed:   Keep you informed of your upcoming shifts, your past shifts and other opportunities to volunteer


  • Change your mind:  Allows you to swap, cancel or change your shifts


  • Away:   Tell the system in advance when you are unavailable


  • Confirm:  Confirm your shifts at the click of a button

Powerful software
but simple to use!

No more spreadsheets !

Cloud Based

Fairness Algorithm

Mobile Friendly

99.9% Uptime Guaranteed


Easy to Use Control Panel

Email & SMS


Fully Scalable

GDPR Compliant

Simple & Affordable

Premium Support

This has saved me many hours a week emailing back and forth to fill my rota.  Great service too

– Marc D  from London –

This has saved me so much time that I used to spend emailing people to confirm their shifts.

Great product, highly recommended to anyone that needs to manage a large group of volunteers.

– Kata L –

This is really world class support.

– Andy B  from London –

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